Recent projects

 Below are some of the experiences recent clients had with us:

Building trust


Theatre allowed us to bring difficult issues for a team with their department to light in a fun, safe space. They then used non-violent communication, dialogue and simple coaching techniques to give constructive feedback to their boss and be heard.

"We have been struggling so long with this conflict, it has been completely liberating to get past it." Direct report

"If only I had done this sooner, many of the problems we have had would have been avoided." Department head

Think differently about the box


Participants had fun managing different aspects of what they wanted to become in the future, a very different activity from their daily life. They were able to find many opportunities for positive change and development, within the rigid constraints of organisational transformation.

"We were sceptical at first because what we were doing didn't seem to make rational sense. One month after the workshop we are really grateful for the differences we see - we are thinking together for the first time instead of in silos, and communicating in a much more effective way. We feel refreshed despite difficult things which never seem to end, and we are delivering ahead of our deadlines!" VP

Change perceptions


Among the biggest challenges for this client in enabling people to really step up into leadership roles were the gender perceptions and expectations within their culture. We focused on learning to speak up and listen through games and play. The climate at the start of each workshop was cool and fearful, by the end people were smiling, collaborating and developing real relationships.

"Thank you so much for making this possible. I'm going to try these ideas at home too!" Manager

"Please convey our thanks to your management for the excellent program you delivered, to a diverse group of people." CEO

Align & move forwards


More than 100 participants needed to share complex information and agree how to move forwards. We invited them to move around a marketplace with different games and activities at each stall. They then discussed and consolidated each area to agree next steps. We brought the event to a close with speed-dating feedback.

"Great fun and really productive event! I didn't think we could possibly come to conclusions that we would buy into so quickly and easily." Participant

"That was such a simple and effective approach. I need more ideas like that!" HRBP

"Thanks for your valuable input and support. We would never have got past our infighting without you. We'll come back for more if we can! "Department Head

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